European Industry Association for Digital Assistive Technology

Who we are

DATEurope is the newly launched Digital Assistive Technology Industry Association for Europe.


Enable access to digital assistive technology for all.


Unite the DAT industry across Europe to influence legislation, awareness, sustainability, growth and commerce.

The founding principles of DATEurope

Unite the industry to share information and best practice

Deliver activities to raise awareness of the benefits of DAT, such as:

  • Presenting at regional, national and international events
  • Engaging with end-user representation bodies
  • Seek to reduce barriers to access DAT
  • Proactive communications on the benefit of DAT

Lobby Governments to legislate for DAT, including:

  • Funding and research
  • Inclusion in planning
  • Proactive not reactive consideration

Enable Industry networking opportunities

  • Enabling international trade through events, forums and newsletters
  • Facilitating connection of buyers, distributors, publishers and manufacturers

Foster emerging technologies and stimulate innovation

Create and promote a Code of Conduct to ensure ethical growth of the sector

DATEurope Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is aimed at protecting the general interests, reputation and credibility of the Member Companies and the Association DATEurope in relation to public organisations, associations and public opinion.

Members of DATEurope will act at all times in such a manner as to justify public trust and confidence, to uphold the good standing and reputation of the Digital Assistive Technology industry, to serve the best interests of society, and above all, to safeguard the interests of individual customers.

Members will be honest and truthful in all their dealings with customers.

  • The members agree to comply with all relevant legislation relating to advertising and marketing, the sale of goods, relevant Domestic Laws/European Directives/Regulations, consumer rights, disability rights, and data protection.
  • Members should observe fair competition between other DAT companies and respect the interests and work of other members.

  • Member Companies should provide an excellent standard of technical support and customer service that is carried out by knowledgeable and qualified staff.
  • Members should provide accurate and transparent pricing of products and services, as well as providing General Conditions of Supply: such as delivery method and timescale, costs, terms, and duration of warranty etc.
  • Where selling products, members will ensure that these are of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose specified. Their selling techniques will be ethical, and they will deliver high standards of service.
  • If members provide consultation activities and product demonstrations, they should be with the aim of helping users and professionals to identify a device/resource suitable to overcome specific physical and/or cognitive difficulties.

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Founders Meeting Bologna 2021

DATEurope has become a reality! After more than 18 months of intense planning and preparation, over 60 attendees from 16 countries met in the beautiful Italian city of Bologna to participate in our founders meeting. Forty-three companies sent representatives to Bologna to make DATEurope a reality.

The day began with the introduction of the pioneers team which is also the interim board of directors. Many, many special thanks went out to our host, Fillipo Borghi, who organised the entire event and “took care of us” during our time in his home-town of Bologna.

Our board member Gamal Halaga described the mission and vision of DATEurope and spoke of the concepts in our new association. He described how raised visibility and a greater identity of assistive technology should lead to growth and to long-term sustainability of our industry.

Our secretary Nadine Ferris explained how the association is organised into members and board of directors as well as explaining the election process.  She explained that the current founders team is acting as an interim board until elections are held at our annual meeting in 2022.

Special thanks went out to our auditors Jürgen Kohl and Peter Ossenkoppelle for taking on this responsibility. 

Our co-president, Antony Ruck, spoke on the work-to-date that has been ongoing for over 18 months. Many administrative and organisational steps had to be taken to make DATEurope a reality. 

Antony also spoke about growing both our profile and our membership. 

David Banes introduced the first results of his funding survey and gave the members and interesting first view into how assistive technology is funded in various European countries. Many thanks to the members who participated in the survey. 

Our treasurer, Fiore Capone gave a report on the financial situation of DATEurope, as well as giving us an overview of the members of the association. Fiore spoke of the importance of sustainability and the long-term financing of DATEurope. A budget will be presented at our annual general meeting in 2022. 

Our co-president, Christoph Jo. Müller informed the members about networking activities with other key players and of future events.

Save the following dates:

March 17th 2022: The first DATEurope general assembly in Nottwil, Switzerland.
March 18th, 2022: The assistive technology forum (ATF) in Nottwil, Switzerland.
June 23-25th 2022: Rehab fair in Karlsruhe, Germany. 

DATEurope has organised a special joint stand for its members at an affordable cost. Members were encouraged to exhibit in Karlsruhe and take advantage of this great opportunity. 

October 2022: ATAAC in Zagreb, Croatia.

DATEurope will be a partner of this exhibition and offers its members an attractive exhibitors package. 

Other planned events include M-Enabling Europe in Brussels and Exposanita in Bologna. 

The afternoon was spent in smaller groups discussing the challenges and opportunities for members and for a European association. Vital questions such as establishing direction and defining the challenges that we face were intensely discussed.  David Banes has collected our feedback and will process this into an overview for us. 

The assembly was closed by the board of directors and members were invited to celebrate DATEurope at a wonderful social dinner at “Signor Vino”, one of Bolognas famous wine restaurants. 

In summary, our founders meeting was a great success. The high number of participants and the excellent feedback from the members has helped our organisation get off to a great start. 

A big “Thank You” to all of our members for your contribution, your support and your ideas for the future. 

Thank you for being a part of DATEurope, we look forward to seeing you in Nottwil, Switzerland on March 17th, 2022 for our first annual meeting!