European Industry Association for Digital Assistive Technology

Who we are

DATEurope is the Digital Assistive Technology Industry Association for Europe.


Enable access to digital assistive technology for all.


Unite the DAT industry across Europe to influence legislation, awareness, sustainability, growth and commerce.

DATEurope, the European Industry Association for Digital Assistive Technology

DATEurope is the European Industry Association for Digital Assistive Technology. Our vision is to enable access to digital assistive technology for all. The association represents the DAT industry with its developers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers throughout Europe in the broadest geographical sense. Our mission is to unite this specialised industry to influence legislation, raise awareness, and to achieve sustainability, growth, and commerce. The specific challenges within Europe, such as different languages, funding systems, cultures and legislation has helped to grow our membership

to more than 70 companies, from sole proprietors to large corporate organisations. Our membership continues to grow in both number and diversity.

DATEurope works together with all of the stakeholders of digital assistive technology in Europe and around the globe. This strong network helps our members to achieve the vision of delivering outstanding technology and services to enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities. DATEurope members have created and follow a Code of Conduct to ensure ethical growth and the sustainability of our industry.

DATEurope Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is aimed at protecting the general interests, reputation and credibility of the Member Companies and the Association DATEurope in relation to public organisations, associations and public opinion.

Members of DATEurope will act at all times in such a manner as to justify public trust and confidence, to uphold the good standing and reputation of the Digital Assistive Technology industry, to serve the best interests of society, and above all, to safeguard the interests of individual customers.

Members will be honest and truthful in all their dealings with customers.

  • The members agree to comply with all relevant legislation relating to advertising and marketing, the sale of goods, relevant Domestic Laws/European Directives/Regulations, consumer rights, disability rights, and data protection.
  • Members should observe fair competition between other DAT companies and respect the interests and work of other members.

  • Member Companies should provide an excellent standard of technical support and customer service that is carried out by knowledgeable and qualified staff.
  • Members should provide accurate and transparent pricing of products and services, as well as providing General Conditions of Supply: such as delivery method and timescale, costs, terms, and duration of warranty etc.
  • Where selling products, members will ensure that these are of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose specified. Their selling techniques will be ethical, and they will deliver high standards of service.
  • If members provide consultation activities and product demonstrations, they should be with the aim of helping users and professionals to identify a device/resource suitable to overcome specific physical and/or cognitive difficulties.

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