A/S Aabentoft is a versatile company with over 30 years of expertise in sales, service, repair,
development and production of our own mechanical and technical assistive devices. We have
extensive experience with service, custom adaptions and repair of electric wheelchairs as well as other mechanical equipment for the disability sector and we specialize in individual adaptation of
joystick-controlled electric wheelchairs for users with all kinds of disabilities.
Our sales department imparts knowledge and sells a wide range of exciting and unique assistive
devices within the welfare technology areas, communication, cognition and multi-sensory environments. We are constantly working on optimizing our customers assistive devices to give them the best experience and life conditions, regardless of whether it is environmental control, operating solutions, communication, or cognitive assistive devices.



Abilia develops and sells technical aids within the areas of cognition, AAC, Environmental Control and Alarms. Abilia gives people with special needs the possibility to increased independence and taking control over their daily life. We are passionate about creating better conditions for all to live a more fulfilling life. Thanks to 40 years of experience combined with research and evidence we know that our aids make a difference.
Abilia contributes to a sustainable society and supports the global sustainable objectives of the UN through giving people with special needs improved general health conditions, increased participation in the labour market, better learning environments in schools and independent living at home.

Logo AbleCon

Ablecon AS


AbleCon AS (est 1995) is a Norwegian company that has developed a new generation of wireless CCMV system for school and workplace called AbleCenter®. Our Mission is to continue to develop the best products for visual impaired with focus on accessibility and social integration. 

Acapela Group


Acapela Group is a text-to-speech supplier. We accompany companies, vendors, users in the creation of the AI voices that match their needs & identity.
Our current portfolio offers over 30 languages and 200 voices (for all ages, from children to adults). Our voice banking service, my-own-voice, is a web service designed to make it easy for anyone to create a synthetic voice.

The service can be used without any particular knowledge and equipment, besides a computer, a headset and an internet connection. Use our smart VoiceAI service to create a digital copy of your voice.

Active Communication AG


Active Communication (AC), based in Steinhausen/Switzerland, is a subsidiary of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. The Active Communication team is committed to the inclusion and empowerment of handicapped individuals. We are dedicated to enabling these people to participate in social life naturally and to claim the same rights. We help people with physical or cognitive handicaps or neurological disorders to develop a voice, access to communication and learning, more independence, empowerment and participation. From digital communication tools, iPads and tablets with apps all the way to eye control devices we are always searching for the most effective and suitable solution to help handicapped individuals in achieving their goals. Under the brand Rednet Active Communication is also represented in the European market. We are benefiting from many years of experience and a wide network of supply partners all over Europe.

Adapt4you (Applicant)


Adapt4you arises to enhance the technology access and it allows this access to be a right for everybody. As the name implies, we have solutions developed by the company, adapted to each case and each person.

The focus is on digital accessibility, which is accessibility to technology. We will always meet the needs, gaps and shortages to make it more accessible to everyone. We also do training about digital accessibility. We are contributing to a more inclusive digital world!

ADROS s.r.o.


ADROS s.r.o. specialises in providing Assistive Technology solutions and Assistive Communication devices to empower individuals and organisations.



Alt is the home of the Clevy brand, and the Benelux distributor for a range of niche IT/AT products. 
We develop and deliver special solutions for specific people, provide them with needs-driven technology, sourced from all over the world. 
Optimal solutions for professionals with demanding tasks, from healthcare to education and from dental to assistive technology. 
We put the soft in hardware and our soul in solutions because we believe in a fair, inclusive future – a future where everyone has equal opportunities.

Control. Alt. Create.



The Anastasis Social Cooperative Society is a not-for-profit software house and training centre based in Bologna, Italy, that provides software, online services and training for people with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities.
Our core products are class-leading software with TTS for dyslexia and reading impairments aimed at supporting children and young users with learning difficulties, and a professional online rehabilitation suite.



ANDITEC is a Portuguese Company in the market of Assistive Technology since 1991, with an emphasis in the area of Assistive Technology for Complex Communication Needs. Along the years ANDITEC has been involved in R&D  (national, iberoamerican and european ) Projects. Members of the staff of ANDITEC provide specialized training for professionals ( Special Education and Rehabilitation) as well as assessment of end users for the prescription and use of AT.

ASAT - As Simple As That


ASAT is an innovative Israeli startup that specializes in simplifying digital content using technology, advanced AI. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to digital content, regardless of their level of understanding, language proficiency or physical abilities.

Our advanced linguistic simplification technology allows us to simplify audio, video and text content in real time, making it easier for people with disabilities, the elderly, immigrants and anyone else to access and understand the information they need.

At ASAT, we believe that language barriers should not prevent anyone from accessing information and knowledge that can help them grow and improve their lives. Our technology is designed to bridge this gap by simplifying complex language and making it more accessible to everyone.



Assoausili is the only Italian Association which comprises most of the companies operating in the Italian Assistive Technologies Market. It was founded in 2003 and currently has ten members.
Recently we were involved as advisors for these Institutions:

Ministero della Salute,
Ufficio Programmazione Sanitaria;
Commissione Affari Sociali,
Parlamento Italiano;

Assistive Technology Industry Association


The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) is the global leader in assistive technology (AT) education and research and the premier organization for AT manufacturers, sellers and providers. The ATIA is the premier organization for manufacturers, sellers and providers of assistive technology (AT)—products, equipment and systems that enhance learning, working and daily living for persons with disabilities.

Our mission: to serve as the collective voice of the assistive technology industry to help ensure that the best products and services are delivered to persons with disabilities.

Loghos of the new companies in DATEurope



We’re more than just a leading maker of apps for people who have difficulty speaking – we’re on a social mission to build a more inclusive world. A world where people who cannot use speech to communicate can fully participate in society. What sets us apart is that we dare to go our own way with a relentless focus on social change and strong personal connections to our user community.



Development of vocabularies and activities for AAC on different platforms and operating systems. Development of web-based activities with a focus on eye control and art and play. Individual commissioned work, adjustments and advice on communication interfaces.

Aventido Limited

United Kingdom

Aventido Limited as a UK based international B2B marketing and PR agency. We combine creativity, experience, insight and innovation to deliver client growth through effective marketing, branding and PR in the Assistive Technology sector.

Working in partnership with companies from across Europe and the rest of the world, we develop and deliver integrated marketing solutions across all mediums – exhibitions, seminars, meetings, social media, webinars and online events. We also provide distribution services and advise on reseller relationships, sector opportunities, market trends, and competitor analysis.

Barry Bennett Ltd (Applicant)


Barry Bennett Ltd are the UK’s leading Assistive Technology Service Provider (ATSP) to students in receipt of the Disabled Students’ allowance.  With over 26 years’ experience, we have developed a thorough understanding of the differing requirements and support available to students within the higher education sector and currently support over 13,000 students per annum. We also have a dedicated team of support workers who provide specialist one-to-one support for disabled students in education throughout the UK.

We supply assistive technology hardware and software and our dedicated team of trainers and installation technicians are DBS checked and specialise in working with students with visual and hearing impairments, learning difficulties, physical disabilities and mental health issues.  

Where necessary we provide chaperones, female only trainers, carer support training and translators for hearing impaired students.

Our dedicated ergonomic assessors carry out ergonomic assessments and we provide a full portfolio of recommended products including ergonomic chairs, desks and accessories.

British Assistive Technology Association

United Kingdom

The British Assistive Technology Association, founded in 2010,  is the leading organisation campaigning for the interests of assistive technology users and of those who support them in the UK. Our aims are to:

  • Campaign for the rights and interests of those needing assistive technology
  • Provide expert and impartial support and advice to government departments and agencies
  • Educate and inform widely on the benefits of assistive technology
  • Promote British Assistive Technology products and expertise at home and overseas
  • Develop the professionalism of those working with assistive technology

Membership of BATA is open to anyone wanting to promote the use of assistive technology for people who have a disability. This includes users, carers, professionals, charities, local authorities, schools, colleges, universities and companies working in the field.

BEH – Bundesfachverband Elektronische Hilfsmittel e. V.


The BEH (Bundesfachverband Elektronische Hilfsmittel) is the German assistive technology industry association.

The BEH was founded in 1997 and represents over 90% of the German manufacturers and service providers in the AT market.

Even if we are a small association, we are one of the 16 officially accredited associations, able to negotiate with the government and the statutory health Insurance. Our organization is connected to all other important stakeholders.

Joining consultations of the legislative process helps to influence new laws. We help to keep the official catalog of aids (HMV) updated and we are part of different committees. The BEH is negotiating contracts with the statutory health insurance for its members.

B.I.T.T. Services Ltd (Applicant)

United Kingdom

At B.I.T.T. Services we empower individuals through quality and bespoke services by enabling them to manage their challenges, work independently and gain confidence.

With over 16 years of experience we have a proven track record of supporting people, including those who qualify for UK government funded schemes such as the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) and Access to Work (AtW). Our in-dept knowledge on a range of disabilities, neurodiverse conditions and mental health difficulties enable us to provide a tailored service proposition to adults in Higher Education and or the Workplace. Our support allows individuals to enhance their capabilities and manage barriers they may face by utilising the technologies and strategies available to them.

Cenomy France


Cenomy is the specialist and market leader in France providing  Assistive technologies for disabled persons to win autonomy in their lives.
The company has acquired on May 31st, 2018 , the “aides electroniques” department from Proteor , a global leader in Orthopedic systems.
Cenomy, through its regional implantations and Expert consultants, its customer support, after-sale support team is eager to offer the best solutions to its partners and customers.

Code Q


Code-Q Oy is a Finnish software company founded in 2013. We design and manufacture software related to speech recognition, speech synthesis and accessibility. During 2014 we developed our first accessibility software  speech controlled mobile phone assistant DialoQ Mobile. Since that we have developed several solutions to help communication, environmental control, and computer usage. With our DialoQ accessibility software solutions users can control devices and communicate by using their speech, assistive switches, or voice. DialoQ software products are used daily by hundreds of users at schools, homes, and offices.

COOSS Marche


Cooss is a no-profit organization providing social services to disadvantaged people all over the Marche Region. Born in 1979, Cooss manages a great number of residential settings, daily centers for elderly and disables people as well as territorial and home services.

Cooss has created its own Dept. of Research and Training, which is officially recorded as Research institute by Italian Ministry of University and Research in 2012. It has a wide experience in the management of pilots in assistive technologies projects (5th, 6th and 7th FP, AAl, CIP-ICT-PSP). In the specific area of assistive technology, Cooss provides an innovative service aimed at fragile people (minors and adults) with motor, sensory and cognitive disabilities; the elderly; their families and all services involved in educational/rehabilitation processes.

Cooss, has developed a digital platform, called INTELLICA, accessible from, within which cognitive stimulation sessions can be carried out, to enhance, train and increase basic cognitive skills such as memory, attention, executive functions, time orientation, logical reasoning and categorisation, to allow each individual a higher degree of psycho-physical well-being and adaptation to the context. It also contains a series of useful tools for increasing the level of autonomy and self-determination. All elements that make up INTELLICA are customizable, and performances are saved, to enable a unique and individual experience for every need.


United Arab Emirates

Consort World offers a complete range of Assistive Technology (AT) products and solutions, including Tobii Eye Trackers for both Eye Gaze Control and Eye Tracking Research (ET). Since the start in 2006, we have grown to become a renowned and trusted name in the field of Assistive Technology and Eye Tracking. We now represent around 30 international companies serving the demand of the Arab speaking world, throughout the MENA region.

CSS MicroSystems GmbH


CSS MicroSystems develops, produces and sells assistive technology for people with disabilities and secure call systems for homecare and hospitals. We are thrilled to use high-tech wisely. We have received multiple awards for this. The focus is on products for environmental control, assistive call for clinic and care as well as computer access. 

Dagesh (Applicant)


Dagesh Assistive Technology specialize in Assessment, Training and Implementation of technologies that assist people with special needs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of people with motor and cognitive disability for any age and every condition. We believe that technology is only the tool for special people to express themselves and be able to communicate and work as they choose to.

Dave Banes Access

United Kingdom

35 years of experience in supporting people with a disability to achieve access and inclusion in the workplace, education and community. The company is established to bring that extensive experience to support people with a disability across the globe, regardless of need, aspiration or context.    Access and Inclusion services offer consultancy and training in all aspects of accessible ecosystem, from policy to hands on training, from awareness to individual assessment and audit. Through our team of associates we form teams to work directly with government departments, ICT providers, non-governmental organisations, employers, schools and colleges to review progress towards inclusion and prepare and support a plan to extend and enhance the current policy and practice .

DH2 Solutions Ltd

United Kingdom

Our small, but friendly and knowledgeable team uses their combined experience of over 30 years in the industry to provide you with the best possible service.  Our expertise lies in all areas of Assistive Technology, Environmental Controls, Access Control and Computer Access.  We can take you step by step from the design of the system, which is customised to individual requirements and environments, right through to installation and aftercare maintenance.

Dolphin Computer Access Limited

United Kingdom
Dolphin assistive technology products are designed to improve accessibility and independence on computers, for people with a wide range of vision impairments. This includes screen readers for people who are blind, magnification and audio products for people who have partial sight and low vision.

Dolphin also develops technology to assist a neurodiverse range of readers. Accessible reading technology from Dolphin is used by book lovers and students with dyslexia, ADHD and autism, in addition to other print impairments. It provides a way to access books from accessible libraries around the world.



At .lumen we develop Spatial Navigation AI, first showcased in our Glasses for the Blind.

The .lumen Glasses are entering the market at the end of the year and they are the first assistive technology for the visually impaired which solves the lack of scalability of the guide dog (338M visually impaired vs 28 thousand guide dogs).

Draeger Lienert GmbH & Co. KG


Draeger Lienert GmbH & Co. KG (DL) is a software engineering company founded in 1989 with exclusive focus on assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering for blind and visually impaired persons. Some of the 15+ technologies developed by DL are as likewise suited for persons with hearing disabilities and motor control deficiencies. DL’s prime focus is on the workplace. DL develops products that enable blind persons to work competitively for the jobs they have, and the jobs they desire. DL products help compensate for computer systems poorly designed for universal use. Such systems impede work progress by otherwise fully capable blind workers. The cross-section of clients spanning the globe includes those working for Government Ministries, Universities, Law Courts (Judges and Lawyers), for companies in Industry, within Authorities and Associations for the Blind or those who are entrepreneurial and self-employed.

easy labs srl




E-Glas is a producer and provider of assistive technology and AAC solutions.

It was founded in 2009 at the Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka. E-Glas has a strong background in software development, creating desktop and web-based applications that can be used in a special educational needs (SEN) environment.

E-Glas organizes ATAAC conference whose goal is global dissemination of knowledge and best practices in the world of assistive technology (AT) and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

E-EyeTech International Limited

United Kingdom

E-Glas is a producer and provider of assistive technology and AAC solutions.

EyeTech International is a UK company and part of the EyeTech Digital Systems Group. We help people with communication difficulties who need Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) or Assistive Technology (AT). We operate directly in the UK and we enable our distribution partners around the world to improve individual outcomes and lives.

We manufacture and supply EyeOn communication aids. EyeOn elite is a windows based communication aid that comes with our OnBright communication software. EyeOn Go is a portable android-based communication aid. Our product suite is distributed in more than 35 countries.
EyeTech is the global leader in Health AI with its revolutionary medical grade eye tracking and tunable technology platform. EyeTech continues to advance the fields of neurology, ophthalmology, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), interactive education, and medical & consumer research.

Filisia Interfaces Ltd

United Kingdom

Electronic accessibility device for people with disabilities.

GazeFirst GmbH


GazeFirst is an AI startup specializing in eye-tracking technology that transforms the way users interact with digital devices. Merging traditional computer vision algorithms with advanced deep learning techniques, we offer a multi-platform eye-tracking solution designed to empower users, especially those with accessibility needs. Our focus on innovation, responsiveness, and seamless integration makes us a preferred choice for businesses and end-users alike. As we prepare for our upcoming product launch, we are committed to continually pushing the boundaries of eye-based interaction with technology.

Haltija Group Oy


Haltija’s vision is to be the valued forerunner and reformer of the Finnish wellbeing. We exist to help people live independent life and to reach their full potential regardless of their limitations. Haltija manufactures assistive technology products and devices, like Pikobuttons.

Helpicare by Didacare srl


HELPICARE manufacture and commercialize products for people with disability. We work in the filed of assistive technologies to support the improvement of the quality of life from 2003.

We believe in Professionalism understanding like guarantee of protection for our customers.
We like Sharing ideas  in order to solve complex problems. We aim at Reciprocity understanding like the capacity of know that each part have rights and responsibilities



HMC (Hightech Mobility and Communication) provides high-end mobility solutions, augmentative and alternative communication devices, computer adaptations and offers products to control the environment for people with disabilities.

HomeBrace Germany


HomeBrace Germany with its headquarters in southern Germany is on a mission to make everyday life easier for people living with a disability. Its technology gives people new-found independence and enables, for example, the independent steering of a wheelchair only via eye movement. The MyEcc software can be used in combination with any eye-controlled communication device or with a headset with integrated sensor designed specifically to track eye movement and move the wheelchair in the direction the person is looking, indoors and out. Also an environment control system is part of the HomeBrace product range. MyEnvi can control all devices in the home environment via infrared or Eldat radio. The variety of operating options is unique in the world: directly via smartphone or tablet, using the joystick of the power wheelchair, by scanning with a sip and puff system or voice input control. Operation via eyegaze control is also possible.



Manufacturer of assistive devices specialising in Environmental Controls, Mobile Phone solutions, Computer Access technology,  Accessible electronic musical instruments and Respiratory therapy devices.

Hope Tech Plus Limited

United Kingdom

Hope Tech is focused on innovative solutions for the visually impaired. We believe a healthy society is one where everyone participates in everyday activities regardless of disability. We have built the Sixth Sense which is a wearable mobility aid for the blind. 

The sixth sense can tell you with equal certainty, and amazing accuracy, if there is a hazard in front of you the cane hasn’t sensed. The sixth sense has a longer reach, so can tell you when you are approaching hazards that are meters away. Not only does it tell you if there are objects ahead, it will tell you if you’re headed toward your destination. We create a detailed depth map of every solid object ahead of you, and guide with haptic and audio signals to your destination via the latest GPS technology.

Humanelektronik GmbH


Since 1996 Humanelektronik has been specializing in developing and distributing electronic aids and computer-based systems for people with physical disabilities and neurological disorders. Our goal is to remove barriers in daily life in order to empower people with limited mobility and/or communication skills. Based on a broad product portfolio and highly qualified employees our extensive, customer-focused consulting leads into unique practice-oriented solutions with extraordinary customer value.




Ideal Technology is a distributor and installer of Assistive Technology, Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Nurse-call, and Home Automation Systems.

David Carthy, Managing Director, has over 35 year’s experience in the Disability market.

David is a recognised Expert Witness in Ireland and the UK for providing reports to the High Courts.

David is the developer of VoicemATe, a Voice operated application for Disabled persons to control their Home Automation Systems.

Ideal Technology represents many International manufacturers of Assistive Technology devices in Ireland.

Our staff are fully trained on all our products and offer full technical support. We also offer consultation and assessment facilities, working in conjunction with Architects, Occupational Therapists, Service Providers, and end users.

Inclusive Technology Ltd

United Kingdom

Inclusive Technology provide a comprehensive range of assistive technology worldwide – the hardware and software that helps those with special needs to take part in learning, control of their environment and more. Access devices, such as switches, specialist mice, eye trackers and alternative keyboards, enable people with physical or sensory difficulties to use a computer and to communicate. Inclusive Technology software helps develop skills like using a switch, understanding cause and effect, making choices and developing an individual’s ability to communicate their preferences. Our experienced team also provide advice, consultancy and training on SEN issues and ICT solutions.



Inclutec is an international B2B marketing and public relation agency to help manufacturers and designers to have a 360° view of French (speaking countries) Assistive Technology market.

Mainly focus on Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), digital/computer access, home-automation, sensory and educational technology, we make connection, provide reports and insure communication through differents channels for differents market segments.

Founded by Raphaël Terrier and Remi Pernot, Inclutec consulting is more than 15 years commercial and technical experience. With the underlying win/win, we are motivated to improve awarness and knowledge in the goal to grow together and give the opportunity to people to have a better access and better usage of AT.

Invaru ltd.


Invaru is an Estonian wholeseller of a wide selection of technical and rehabilitation aids, skincare and incontinence products and also Assistive Technology products and software. Invaru’s top priority is offering its clients a safe service. This includes helping you select the right aid and teaching you how to use it.



Irisbond creates a new way for humans to communicate through eye-tracking technology. Our advanced software algorithms interpret your eye gaze in order to provide natural, intuitive and hands-free access to information and control over a screen. Together we create the most advanced technology in order to transform the world through the eyes. See it possible. 



Jabbla develops and produces augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools. At Jabbla, we are committed to providing solutions for those who cannot express themselves, or who have difficulty expressing themselves.

Kajo Apuvälineet Oy


Kajo Apuvälineet is an experienced Finnish Assistive Technology company. We specialize in installing, servicing and reselling Assistive Technology: Environmental control systems, communication software and different kinds of devices and programs for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. We utilize our experience in day-to-day patient work to design and manufacture Assistive Technology products we believe will be meaningful and usable to their users. We take pride in our reputation for reliability and in the know-how we have acquired through the years.

Klein & Melgert Developments NV


KMD is developer and supplier of AAC products. Everyone has the need to connect with others. That is why we believe that everyone should be able to participate independently and equally in (online) society without hindrance. On behalf of people with a disability and their parents, counselors or therapists, we develop, supply and assemble tools for communication, computer and environmental control. Our total solutions, including maintenance and repairs in-house, fit in seamlessly with what clients want and are able to do.

Launchpad Assistive Technology (Applicant)


Launchpad offers individually tailored, strategy-based assistive tech training for students and professionals. It’s all about making your studies or your workplace feel more manageable, helping you to become more efficient and organised, reduce stress, gain in confidence and realise your full potential.

We want it to be a really rewarding, positive experience where technology is demystified, simplified and a pleasure to use. We will assess your needs and priorities and work together on strategies that will get you seeing results from day one.

Learning Labs

United Kingdom

Learning Labs includes over 3,500 Labs on assistive technology, study and career skills, accessibility tools and remote working software.

Learning Labs is an e-learning portal designed specifically for assistive technology (AT) users to get the most out of their AT in education, the workplace and in life. Learning Labs was created by a dyslexic entrepreneur alongside neuroscientists and educational psychologist consultants. We understand how the brain thinks and learns, and therefore, how to create the most effective and inclusive e-learning content to support diverse learners in getting the most out of their assistive technology. Ultimately, our goal is to empower learners to realise their full potential in education and in life.
Learning Labs is part of eQuality Solutions, a group of companies that also includes one-to-one AT training provider, e-Quality Learning, and AT solutions provider, Invate.

Leonardo Ausilionline S.r.l.


Leonardo Ausilionline, founded in 1998, is a part of a group (Progettiamo Autonomia) located in Reggio Emilia (Italy) that offers a complete service in the field of assistive devices. 

Our firm specializes in assistive technology and offers consulting, sale and training on the use of assistive devices to people with disabilities, their families, teachers and operators in this field.

Our work covers different areas: special access to computer, Augmentative/Alternative communication, educational software, environmental  control, low vision.

We select and evaluate many different solutions to find the one which suits our customers’ requirements best.

We circulate information on the above mentioned topics through our website and our newsletters.

Our showroom is available to all people interested to view and test the majority of the aids, with the assistance of our staff.

Liberator Ltd

England & Wales

Liberator Ltd (Swinstead, UK) was established in 1991 and provides products & services that promote success for individuals who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), their families and their support teams.

Our AAC solutions enable children, teens and adults worldwide to achieve spontaneous, independent, and interactive communication regardless of their disability, literacy level or motor skills.

Our Mission is to enable individuals with speech and language impairments to successfully communicate and interact in their environment.

We provide:

  • Unique, proprietary and world-renowned AAC language systems.
  • Unmatched and unwavering support and guidance for clinicians, parents and AAC communicators to learn, grow, and thrive with that system.
  • An international network of expert consultants who provide unsurpassed guidance in helping schools, hospitals/clinics, centres and parents to select, learn and optimise the right AAC device, language/vocabulary and accessories for a lifetime of client success.
  • Industry-leading training, implementation, service and support.



About us

– purchasing Assistive Technology worldwide

– repair service

– selling LIFEtool products to about 90 partners in 39 countries

LIFEtool is located in Linz (Upper Austria) and is a nonprofit organization founded by Diakoniewerk and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. LIFEtool wants to contribute to opening up the world of computers, which comes so natural to us, to children, teenagers, adults and ageing people who suffer from physical handicaps, learning disabilities or multiple impairments and thus LIFEtool wants to enhance these person’s integration and equal opportunities. The means to achieve this target are research & development, consultation & training and renting & selling of electronic communication systems, individually adapted input devices for the computer, alternative input devices, mouse-simulating devices, special software programs and environment control systems. “It is not the human that has to adapt to technology – but technology that has to adapt to the human.” CEO David Hofer

Link Assistive


Helping people to connect, learn and participate by providing high quality individualised assistive and interactive learning solutions.
Link Assistive is an Australian supplier of assistive, interactive and sensory technologies for individuals with physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities. Our team of specialists include Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, IT and Repair Specialists, Admin and Logistics staff.
We work with therapists and their clients to ensure compatibility with the user’s needs and existing technology systems.

One team, two specialised websites:

Eye gaze, communication devices and software, mounting, access, environmental control, device loans, training and support.

Sensory rooms, multi-sensory and interactive technology, accessible music and therapy interfaces, information, training and support.


Microsoft Corp

United Kingdom

Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


Microlink PC (UK) Ltd (Applicant)

United Kingdom

We stock the largest range of technology and tools in the UK. Our workplace adjustment service, MiCase is embraced as best practice for some of the largest corporations in the country.

From Dyslexia to Arthritis, to visual and hearing losses, whatever the condition, Microlink can assess, advise, supply, train and support anyone looking to break down a barrier caused by their conditions.

Microlink consults at Government level, wins numerous awards for its dedication and sources the latest technology to deliver a service to their customers that’s second to none.

Whether you’re a large corporation, a small business, a school, a worker, a parent or student, call us today and let us provide the tools you need to not only achieve but thrive.

Our vision is to create an inclusive society which embraces diversity and releases potential to advance humanity.

MK Prosopsis Ltd (Applicant)


MK Prosopsis was founded in 2004 and it is active in 3 countries  Cyprus, Greece and Malta

MK Prosopsis Head offices are in Nicosia Cyprus, and branches are in Malta main Island and in Athens Greece

The company main activities are  in the Assistive Technology area, but also it includes activities in  Eye Tracking Solutions , Academic Technology Lab Solutions (Robotics, TMS, EEG, VR)  and Educational Software market, and also provides consultancy and project management services for new technologies to all kind of customers in the industry and academia. Also the company specializes in software localizations.

Nuance Communications (Applicant)

United Kingdom & Ireland

Nuance Communications is a world leader in conversational AI innovations that bring intelligence to everyday work and life. Nuance delivers solutions that understand, analyse, and respond to people – amplifying human intelligence to increase productivity and security. With decades of domain and AI expertise, Nuance works with thousands of organisations globally across healthcare, financial and legal services, education, telecommunications, public services, and other professional services– to create stronger relationships and better experiences for their customers and workforce. 

Possum Ltd


We use technology to empower people with disabilities by increasing their independence. We do this in two ways: through Possum Limited and an independent charity, the Possum Trust.

As an independent, privately owned British company we develop, manufacture, supply, install and support AT products and systems. We assess our clients’ needs and abilities, as well as train and support them in the use of their equipment.

As the benefits of AT become more valued, additional funds are becoming available from Government, charities and other sources to bring this technology to ever more people.

PRD Prentke Romich GmbH


Prentke Romich GmbH is part of the international PRC-Saltillo Group and develops and sells AAC products since 1991.

Pro-Study Ltd

United Kingdom

Pro-Study has been designed to simplify the research process by allowing users to effortlessly collect and organise their research in a dedicated centralised database that is easily accessible. The sources for the research can be Websites, Text Books, PDFs and Word documents. Each piece of information that is captured will automatically produce a hyperlink back to the original source as well as automatically capturing Authors Names, Article Titles and Date and Time stamping. The computer’s webcam can be used to capture information from textbooks and can be used again to scan the barcode to automatically capture the reference information.

It is the leading software for providing support throughout the whole research process, from finding and gathering research, collating and categorising into specific areas and finally with referencing.

Pretorian Technologies

United Kingdom

Pretorian Technologies takes immense pride in helping those less fortunate than ourselves and who need a little extra help to achieve the things the rest of us take for granted. Our mission is to provide those people with that help, and in turn, empower them to get the most from life. We do this by continually innovating our assistive technology products and listening to our market for what adaptations users want. Our range of Assistive Technology products is amongst the most comprehensive and extensive of any manufacturer, is made entirely in-house in our ISO9001:2015 accredited facility and sold worldwide through a dedicated network of distributors and resellers.



Quinera is one of the top companies in the manufacturing of a wide range of assistive technology as well as multi-sensory rooms. Founded in 2002 by Joaquín Romero, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, Quinera is specialized in the design and development of solutions such as: access to devices (computer, social media, WhatsApp, etc.); multi-sensory environments (always customized for meeting the exact needs); products to encourage participation for all, and environmental control for increasing the level of independence. Our team is made up of passionate and spirited engineers, designers, occupational therapists, education specialists, programmers, developers, and experts in marketing and communication; all of them committed to make a positive impact on the quality of the life of any person with a disability or special need. Our mission is to make their lives easier and provide them with opportunities to be happier.

Quha oy


Quha is a Finnish company who designs and manufactures electronic assistive technology computer access products. Quha was founded in 2012 and has reseller networks in tens of countries, located in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa. Quha’s products are used to access computers and mobile devices by people with special needs.

Quha’s most known products are wireless gyroscopic computer head mice Quha Zono and Quha Zono 2 that allow computer use without hands. They are known for providing superior accuracy, great compatibility and easiness to their users. Additionally, Quha manufactures mouse accessories, ability switches and software.

Quha is known for its products using latest technology, fast deliveries to all over the world and helpful customer service. We at Quha believe in high-quality and future-proof technology!

QuoVadis Nederland BV


QuoVadis is very experienced with complex solutions combined with environmental control (ECU) and communication aids (AAC) as well as home electronics.

In 1993 QuoVadis Nederland BV was founded in The Netherlands by René van Wijk, initially aiming for environmental controls for impaired persons (ECU). QuoVadis does not produce products. Preferably as an exclusive reseller, it sells products of other suppliers to complement the product range. The product range soon expanded with communication aids (AAC) and monitoring equipment. Later we expanded with a nurse call system, both in the small living areas for multiple handicapped persons as well as people with dementia. Since many years QuoVadis has been distributing personal alarm systems and care phones at home and for special needs alarming like ventilating machines, epilepsy monitoring and wander alarm at home.

QuoVadis provides implementations of aids to compensate physical, cognitive and speech disabilities, with the focus on the PERSON.

Raising the Floor - International


Raising the Floor – International is a non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland. Raising the Floor was founded in 2010 to facilitate global collaboration amongst leading inclusive-centered professionals, designers and developers, committed to digital inclusion. We carry out research, development and education activities in collaboration with researchers, industry, organizations and individuals interested in creating a more accessible information infrastructure and tools.




ReadSpeaker has over 20 years experience bringing voice technology and text-to-speech capabilities to assistive technology devices, websites, educational institutions, learning management systems, assessment platforms, content creators, government entities, and more. With over 10,000 customers, in more than 70 countries, ReadSpeaker offers more than 200 expressive voices in more than 50 languages, and provides both SaaS and embedded solutions, as well as speech-enhanced reading and writing tools, that support inclusion, accessibility and engagement for diverse audiences, across the globe.



Roessingh Dienstengroep BV, operating under its tradename rdgKompagne, is a leading company in the Netherlands in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)  technology. In addition, it offers innovative solutions for environmental control and computer access, and a growing portfolio of products for playing, learning, development, analysis and snoezelen. 

RdgKompagne provides personalized consultation, customized adaptations, instructions about and maintenance of IT devices to clients with motor and/or cognitive disabilities. The company participates in several research projects and serves as a knowledge base for therapists, caregivers and producers. It specializes in eye tracking technology  and aims to make this available to individuals with all levels of disabilities. 

The company, with over 40 years of experience and more than 60 employees, is the Dutch market leader in its field, and works nationwide from its three establishments in the towns of Enschede (Northeast), Utrecht (West/Central), and Geldrop (South).  

Rehadapt Engineering GmbH & Co KG


Rehadapt is the world market leader for mounting assistive technology. Today more than ever we are dedicated to engineering versatile, durable and precise mounting solutions. We are happy to continue our hard work to provide you with new products designed to meet the specific needs of your clients. The real touchstone is solving the problems without adding more complexity to the client’s life. In daily use, with various caregivers, in ever changing situations, the equipment needs to just work… intuitively, reliably, and simple.We achieve that through our unique service concept, our design experience, the universality of our systems, with our high quality standards in production and our holistic view even on specific problems. What we achieve is truly special: serving complex needs with sophistication, but without increasing complexity.

rehaKIND e.V. (Associated Member)


Children and young people with disabilities are in need of individual, high-quality aids that enable them to “actively” participate in life. The quality of care must not be sacrificed to cost pressure and competition. As a one-off advocacy group for service providers and for those affected, we work in a multidisciplinary manner, act in a network and act credibly as the political voice of the interests of providers and children and young people with disabilities and their parents.

Reha Media GmbH


Reha Media is a service provider for assistive technlogy in the western part of Germany. Our sales offices serve approximately 75% of the German population.

We provide our customers with a complete solution from the leading manufactures of assistive technology worldwide.

Our range of solutions includes: communication devices, software, eye-tracking systems, environmental-control systems and workplace adaptations.

Our services include: workshops, consultation, trial periods, application to the German Healthcare System, training, support, maintenance and repairs.

We have been in business since 1994 and currently employ 23 persons, 12 of which are consultants for medical products.

Reha Media is certified as a retailer and service provider for medical products according to the ISO 13485:2016 standard.



Starting in 1989 SKIL (Sabbe Konsulting Independent Living) has gathered a huge amount of expertise in assistive technology. We are focused on Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Environmental Control and Computer Access. As the company was founded by a person who was a wheelchair user himself, Jan-Jan Sabbe, we know the importance of the reliability and user friendliness of the helping devices. The devices must be adapted to the users and not the other way around. Independent living is not only a part of our name, but also the way we think and handle. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of independency with the best devices that we find all over the world.

Smartbox Assistive Technology Ltd.

United Kingdom

We create technology that gives a voice and independence to people that don’t have speech. Our Grid software  is one of the most popular augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) platforms in the world and is available in over 30 different languages in more than 100 countries.

Our products are built on Grid and include a combination of specialist hardware and content that are used by disabled people for communication, to control their environment and much more.

Our focus is on helping people to be successful with our technology. This priority drives our product innovation and passion for customer service, from simple user interface design to development of communication aids for all access; touch, switch, eye gaze or pointing devices.

Sonocent (Applicant)

United Kingdom

Most educational instruction is delivered orally, but capturing that information and learning from it can be challenging. How we engage with that information remains largely unchanged: we take notes. It’s a skill as old as pen and paper, but one that needs to be reimagined for the modern classroom. Sonocent believes that effective note taking is core to synthesising spoken information, but it’s difficult for learners to listen fully and take comprehensive notes. Glean is uniquely designed to help learners engage with spoken content in the moment as well as after class, using audio notes. Since launching in 2020, Glean has been used by over 400 institutions worldwide. Students have reported grades increase and a noticeable reduction in study stress and anxiety by ensuring no information is lost from class. As Glean can be used with in-person or online audio, it has also helped students engage with blended learning.

Specialty Risks Limited (Applicant)

United Kingdom

Specialty Risks is an insurance business based close to the City of London. We have a specialism for insuring assistive and medical technologies. We provide insurance and warranty cover for a range of specialist equipment, including all equipment supplied to DSA students, as well as medical equipment, such as insulin pumps. We work with distribution partners to develop insurance products that are specifically designed for their customers. All claims are handled by our own claims team who have received bespoke disability awareness training. We are a disability confident employer.

SR Labs


SR Labs, founded in 2001, is leader in Italy in the creation of eye tracking interfaces and planning experiences that allow people effective, intuitive and touchless interaction with various devices.

The SR Labs team is made up of psychologists, PHD on cognitive science, engineers and technical supporters with specific advanced knowledge on AAC.

We are provider of assistive technology and AAC solutions helping people with physical, linguistic or cognitive disabilities, to recover their capacity to communicate and to maintain and broaden the scope of their autonomy.

We provide solutions to communicate effectively, regardless of one’s language level, we support and streamline the learning curve with the aim of increasing the user language learning and relationship potential

SR Labs offers training, consulting and customized services rely on eye tracking tools to enable users to interact.

For more than 20 years we have been creating unique experiences.


SuperWire Assistive WLL


SuperWire Assistive’s mission is to serve the special needs sector in the State of Qatar, and throughout the Middle East. At our core is the ability to build capacity, advise, supply, train and support individuals with disability. Founded in Qatar, SuperWire currently exclusively represents and distributes innovative solutions from some of the top Assistive Technology manufacturers around the world.


Sybility GmbH


Sybility is a manufacturer and distributor of technical aids for disabled people with more than 20 years of experience. We are focused on environmental control systems and supply the voice control PILOT, IR controlled telephones and some products based on the Easywave radio system as our own developments. Additionally we offer the whole range of Easywave products and special adapted devices which are necessary to complete a full environmental control system. We are Quha service point and distribute their products in Germany.

TechEd Marketing (Applicant)

United Kingdom

Founded in 2012, TechEd Marketing is a fast growing publisher, conference organiser and marketing services consultancy, specialising in SEN and Assistive Technology solutions.

Our expertise is in developing and bringing to market technology products and services aimed at the education, home learning and workplace sectors. Our products and services include Inspiration 10, Rainforest CodingTechEd Showcase and ATEC (co-organiser).

Our flagship product is Inspiration 10. a simple but powerful visual thinking tool for creating concept maps, mind maps, graphic organizers, outlines and presentations with ease! Inspiration 10 breaks down barriers to planning, communicating ideas and learning, helping users to achieve more academically and in the workplace. Inspiration 10 is Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) approved and is regulary recommended for Access to Work.

Additionally, we provide marketing and product development consultancy services to assistive technology companies within the edtech industry across the globe.

Tecnologie Assistive S.r.l


Drory Handels GmbH TiPY


TiPY, a keyboard for ONE hand.
One of the most important communication tools of our time can now be operated completely with one hand.
With a new key concept and a built-in mouse function, TiPY enables the editing of all programs, including key shortcuts, complex tables, full word processing and all the advantages and possibilities of a computer in 12 languages.
The patented, double-sided keyboard, which is unique in the world, allows unrestricted use of the left and right hand via the rotatable, ergonomic palm pad, the hand pad.


United Kingdom

Founded in 1996, the Texthelp Group is a global technology company helping people all over the world to understand and to be understood. It has led the way in creating innovative technology for the education and the workplace sectors for the last three decades.

Texthelp believes in a world where difference, disability or language are no longer barriers. It is focused on helping all people learn, understand and communicate through the use of digital education and accessibility tools.

With over 50 million users worldwide, the Texthelp suite of products includes Read&Write, EquatiO®, WriQ®, OrbitNote®, ReachDeck® and FluencyTutor® which work alongside existing platforms such as Microsoft Office and G-suite, enabling them to be integrated quickly into any classroom or workplace with ease.

In 2021, Texthelp acquired the Lingit Group, Wizkids and Don Johnston Inc. By combining capabilities and knowledge across the group, Texthelp can now provide a whole suite of literacy and numeracy support to more people across the globe


Tobii Dynavox


TobiiDynavox is the world’s leading provider of assistive technology for people with reduced ability to communicate. Our touch and eye tracking based assistive technology is custom designed to be easy to use and built to stand up to the rigors of daily life.

Our assistive technology and special education solutions empowers individuals with disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, ALS, Rett syndrome and spinal cord injury.

Our goal at TobiiDynavox is to make a real difference by creating solutions that help people communicate with their environment, thereby living a richer and more independent life.



TouchToTell stands for the development of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) software to support communication. TouchToTell is an innovative company that is the first and only to have developed a functional therapeutic Speech / Language method in which an Communication Tool, the TouchToTell application, is integrated. TouchToTell uses its own new extensive vocabulary with symbols and images. You can start at different levels, Top-down or Bottom-Up.
TouchToTell software is developed by speech therapists.

Treye Tech UG


Treye Tech is an IT start-up company that develops software-only solutions for gaze-based human-computer interaction. Our products allow the control of a computer or smart device through head and eye gestures via a webcam as well as built-in front-facing camera.

Virtual Assistants Group

Albania, Kosovo, Macedonian

Virtual Assistants Group provides award-winning hardware & software products and services for a human life, great education and great job with technology and supplemental solutions.
With a carefully curated family of companies offering a comprehensive suite of digital-centric products and services, we’re creating critical solutions to education & job’s most essential challenges with our products. Our success is built on our ability to make a real difference to real people including those with disability, and with that as our goal, we continue to thrive.



United Kingdom

VisionBridge is a fully independent social enterprise based in the UK. We advocate for eye research and champion assistive tech innovation. 

VisioBraille GmbH


VisioBraille develop, manufacture and sell products for blind and visually impaired people.

With these innovative tools, our company want to balance the limitations of blind and visually impaired people in the best possible way, strengthen their independence and provide assistance on the way to an independent everyday life.

VisioBraille reach this aim through strong commitment developing quality products, through years of experience in this field, through excellent Know-how and proven expertise, using state-of-the-art technologies that significantly improve the quality of life of the customers.


United Kingdom

The WeWALK Smart Cane can detect above ground obstacles by using a front-mounted sensor, warning the user with haptic feedback. The smart handle pairs with the accessible WeWALK smartphone app using Bluetooth to access connected mobility services, including navigation, exploration, and public transport. These features can be controlled from the smart cane’s inbuilt touchpad, allowing the user to place their phone in their pocket for single- handed navigation and added safety. In addition, the smart handle has a speaker and microphone to provide audio feedback. New smart city integrations and services are constantly being added via software updates, making WeWALK an ideal personal hub for the visually impaired community.